We fully understand the complexities each contractor faces and we have programs specifically designed with their needs in mind, from small operators to large accounts. Our insurance programs are underwritten by leading property and casualty insurance companies with the most competitive rates and financing available.


Retail & Wholesale

CAFF has the experience and expertise necessary to manage today’s risks as well as the foresight to anticipate those that are imminent. We have created an effective risk management program to help you reduce total cost of risk, protect your bottom line and increase profitability.


Design Professionals

We understand that no matter how well you plan a project, potential errors in the quality of professional services you provide can occur. We are designed to offer protection to design professionals for the wide variety of exposures you face and we can help protect your firm against losses that can result from these unexpected situations.



We have the knowledge and tools to develop risk management solutions specifically designed for the maritime industry. In an ever-changing marketplace, our goal is to create strategic ways to help you minimize the total cost of risk, achieve optimum success and remain competitive.



In today’s business climate, environmental compliance and responsibility is key to a company’s success. Our risk management specialists have the knowledge and experience to help you address your environmental concerns. We work with you to first understand and then to implement the appropriate risk management solutions to address your specific needs.



New opportunities have been created for the industry as a result of healthcare reform. Along with these opportunities come a number of regulatory compliance issues. Our practices give us the tools to help us create and deliver custom solutions that meet the unique needs of both providers and payers.