1973: A Year for Idealists

CAFF was founded by a team of insurance and bonding experts who made their names by delivering great service to the construction industry. By 1973, however, they realized their industry had reached a tipping point. Products were being sold like commodities. Service had gone the way of the T-Rex. Relationships were being built for the moment rather than for the long haul.

This didn’t sit well with our founders, so they formed CAFF and charted a bold new course with a simple philosophy: focus on commercial insurance and do it better than anyone else. It has certainly served our company well. Today, CAFF is among the nation’s largest independent insurance agencies, serving the construction industry and other commercial arenas with unmatched skill and unparalleled customer support. We’re also able to leverage the vast resources of our partner, Nielson, Hoover & Company, Inc. (NHC), the nation’s number one surety bond provider, to bring you comprehensive protection backed by more than 100 years of combined expertise.

What started as an ideal has grown into your rock-solid, full-service commercial insurance partners. Our customers remain our customers for the same reason we’re confident you will.

We do insurance better than anyone else.

Our Mission: To Make Insurance Less Complicated

We figure you’ve got enough on your plate running a major construction company, development project, or any other commercial endeavor. So, our mission is to make the insurance part of the equation a little easier. To do it, we operate around a set of principles we call “The Tenets of Less Complicated”. Here they are:

  • Customer First

    Maintain a genuine commitment to great service and strive to build honest, open relationships with clients. Learn their businesses and discuss their needs to develop the best plan of action.

  • Be Proud

    Live up to the ideals set forth by our founders. Approach commercial insurance with a commitment to excellence and a passion for personal service.

  • Be Flexible

    Never get trapped by routine. Explore new options. Use your imagination to bring fresh ideas to the table. Look for new products and ways to build solutions around customer challenges.

  • Leverage Our Resources

    As a member of the Nielson Hoover family, we enjoy unmatched resources and relationships. We use them to our customers’ advantage.

  • It’s Always Urgent

    Fulfill requests immediately. Never delay. Call back ASAP. Offer 24/7 online claims for added convenience. Always be available.

  • A-Team Only

    CAFF will never have a “B” team. Our customers deserve the best and that is exactly what every member of our team delivers. Every client, large and small, gets our A-Team.


CAFF And Acrisure:
A Powerful Partnership

It’s rare when truly vast insurance capabilities are provided with a local and personal touch. This, however, is precisely what businesses can expect from Collinsworth, Alter Fowler & French as a part of the Acrisure family of companies.

Acrisure is a top 10 global insurance broker and fintech services provider using groundbreaking technologies to stake its claim as the fastest-growing broker in history. Driven by advancements in rich data and artificial intelligence, the company is transforming the insurance and financial services landscapes and recording record revenues.

At the same time, core to Acrisure’s success is a deep belief in giving full autonomy to its family of companies. These are the businesses that change the game at the customer level. These are the professionals who build lasting and trusted relationships. These are the experts customers turn to for answers.

At CAFF, we are proud to be part of Acrisure. Namely, because we’re now able to provide our customers with even greater negotiating power, global resources, and stronger surety options, all while continuing our history of personal service.

  • Our Service

    Our team has one goal – to provide the very best service in the industry. Whether it’s issuing certificates of insurance, handling claims, or developing innovative ways to process your service needs, CAFF is committed to making insurance as convenient as possible.

  • Our Clients

    Construction, development, wholesale, professional service, property risk or any other commercial endeavor, CAFF delivers superior policy options built around the specific needs of each client. We are intimately involved every step of the way to ensure you’re well protected and well served.

  • Our Markets

    We boast strong, forthright relationships with the nation’s leading insurance companies, but are beholden to none. We invite these trusted partners to compete for your business in order to bring you the most competitive and comprehensive insurance options.


Surety Bonds

Nielson, Hoover & Company is a nationwide leader in Surety Bonds, Construction Bonds, and Commercial Bonds. We specialize in surety bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, and maintenance bonds. We are also experts in commercial bonds, judicial bonds, license and permit bonds, fidelity bonds, payment & performance bonds, public official bonds, and subdivision bonds.