Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance is uniquely designed to confront the needs of the marine industry. This type of insurance covers almost every maritime liability risk associated with owning and operating a vessel. It covers loss of life or injury to crew, passengers or third parties, damage caused to cargo during transit, environmental damage and political risks.

Providers of P&I insurance are often referred to as ”Clubs”, these clubs are a mutual insurance association controlled by ship owners and operators that provides risk pooling, information, representation and risk mitigation for its members.

What does Protection and Indemnity Insurance cover?

  • Loss of Life, Injury and Illness of Crew, Passengers and Other Persons
  • Liability Claims as a Result of Collision
  • Loss or Damage to Cargo
  • Damage to Fixed or Floating Objects Such as Docks
  • Damage to Property on Board the Insured Vessel
  • Pollution or Oil Spill
  • Cost from Fines or Penalties
  • Cost of Quarantine
  • Substitution and Repatriation of Crew
  • Wreck Removal