Whether it’s your business or your pleasure, flying is your passion. So, protecting your aircraft in the air or on the ground is a priority. Aviation Insurance offers a range of property and liability policies that provide coverage for aerospace, airlines, aircraft, drones and other components of the aviation industry. Aviation Insurance covers losses resulting from poor maintenance, property damage, bodily injury, loss of cargo, or injury to travelers. All in all, this line of insurance is designed to protect aircraft owners, operators, and passengers.

Aviation insurance can extend to everything from homemade planes and helicopters all the way up to the most sophisticated airplanes and helicopters in the air. Whether it is coverage for charter aircraft, personal aircraft, antiques, drones or corporate planes they all need to be protected from loss. Protecting others from loss or protecting one’s estate is a key component of purchasing adequate aviation insurance limits. With tailored approaches to individual or corporate needs, an aviation policy can be secured with the necessary limits and coverages to protect you.

Who Needs Aviation Insurance?

  • Agricultural Aviation
  • Aircraft Management Companies
  • Airfields
  • Airports
  • Business & Commercial Aviation
  • Drones & UAVS
  • Fixed-Base Aviation Operations
  • Flight Clubs
  • Flying Schools
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Manufacturers
  • Personal Aircraft
  • Private or Government-owned Airlines
  • Private Transport Aircraft
  • Refuelers
  • Suppliers